26 May 2014

The Bull Run

The new Indian Prime Minister's oath ceremony is today and there is a lot of hope floating around. Spirits and expectations are at an all time high since India has not had a majority like this in ages. These high spirits and hopes have sky rocketed the Sensex and nifty numbers and foreign investment is at an all time high.

The market and the bull run. I hear this term often these days.
The equity market is up and people in the equity market are benefiting from it. The excitement has made new investors enter the market.

So I have received several emails asking me - whether this is the right time to invest? The answer is simple. It is always a good time to invest in equity as long as you are in it for the long run. If you invest in equity for five to seven years, it will give good averaged returns.

Investments should not be decided based on whether the market is up or down. Disciplined investments in the form of SIPs will give good returns as long as funds are chosen carefully and match the goals of your life.

We all have hopes attached that the new government will bring about the change that India needs. I hope our dream of making this country grow and prosper comes true. 

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  1. I agree about timing your investment. But one can track a few good scrips and keep taking small bites into it whenever the market is down. Investment should be scrip specific and not bull or bear run based alone. Market is at record high, but still there are quality stocks one can accumulate, slowly.