31 Mar 2014

The Good Old Fixed Deposit!

We all love the good old fixed deposit. A fixed deposit also known as a term deposit is a simple product which offers safety and security. It is valued amongst people and has stood the test of time. So what should we look at before investing in a fixed deposit? Let us have a closer look.

23 Mar 2014

What Is An Emergency Fund?

I have received a few emails asking me about an emergency fund. What is an emergency and why do we need it?
I have mentioned an emergency fund in two of my articles.
This article is dedicated to a friend who is saving a percentage of his salary every month in a sincere and dedicated manner.

What is an emergency fund?

16 Mar 2014

How Do I Plan My Finances?

People ask this question in various forms. The words may be different but the meaning is the same. How do I start investing? How do I secure my child's future? How do I save? Is this a good fund to invest in? These questions sound different but ultimately mean the same. This post is dedicated to friend who is about to be a parent and requested an article on sound financial planning for a child. All of us should plan our financial life. Here is how to do it.

9 Mar 2014

Aadhar Card and LPG Subsidy

Aadhar Card - Aam Aadmi Ka Adhikar. Aadhar card was released by the government as a unique identification card. The government has opened various centers so that one can apply for an Aadhar card. Till recently, it was also said that LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) subsidy would be given to people who link their Aadhar card to their bank account and their LPG provider.

3 Mar 2014

Money Addiction

This post is inspired by the recent article in the New York Times on money addiction - http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/19/opinion/sunday/for-the-love-of-money.html

On this blog, I have written several articles on saving, being careful with money, investing wisely and on taking charge of your finances. After reading the above article, I wondered about money addiction. Are some of us addicted to money? Do we always wonder how to make and save the extra buck?