29 Jul 2014

Last Day To File Taxes - 31st July 2014

Hope people have been planning to file taxes! The last day to file taxes for fiscal year 2013-14 (which is the same as assessment year 2014-15) is 31st July 2014.

If your income is greater than 5 lakhs in a year, it is mandatory to file taxes online. There are a number of websites which offer this service. The government website is :

I hope most of you reading have already filed taxes. If not, here are a few humble reminders:

22 Jul 2014

Mutual Funds Part 3 - How To Build A Portfolio With Mutual Funds

This is the third article in the mutual fund series. Part 1 and Part 2 were about mutual fund basics and how to start investing in mutual funds. Today I am going to write about building a portfolio with mutual funds in it.

16 Jul 2014

Mutual Funds Part 2 - How Do I Start Investing In Mutual Funds

Is mutual fund investing necessary? It is certainly not mandatory but it is one of the ways to generate inflation beating returns.I introduced mutual funds in Part 1 of the mutual fund series This article is not about how to choose a mutual fund but how to choose the medium to invest in a fund. These are the following ways to do it:

8 Jul 2014

Moving Your Pet To Another Country

Besides being involved in personal finance, I am an animal lover. I have lived a big chunk of my life in the U.S. I returned to India in 2013 and wanted to bring my cat from the U.S to India. I wrote an article about this. Check it out here.

30 Jun 2014

Mutual Funds Part 1 - Basics of Mutual Funds

What is a mutual fund?
A mutual fund is a fund that invests in holdings of different companies. This offers the benefit of diversification and is professionally managed. I often get emails asking me if one should invest in mutual funds. Here is what one should know before beginning to invest in mutual funds

10 Jun 2014

Education and Education Loan

We feel proud when our children study, do well and earn prestigious degrees. It is a feeling that is immeasurable and we encourage our little ones to strive for the best. The child should be at the top of the class, aim for high ranking colleges and universities and secure a job which pays a big fat salary. Earlier education costs were part of the budget but now it is a strain on the budget. A lot of students are now going in for an education loan. Is a loan worth it? Is it worth starting your first job with a big loan that you have to pay off?

26 May 2014

The Bull Run

The new Indian Prime Minister's oath ceremony is today and there is a lot of hope floating around. Spirits and expectations are at an all time high since India has not had a majority like this in ages. These high spirits and hopes have sky rocketed the Sensex and nifty numbers and foreign investment is at an all time high.

The market and the bull run. I hear this term often these days.

12 May 2014

Change The "No Change" Problem

In India, I am often stuck with this problem where the shopkeeper or delivery person does not have any money to give in return after I have given more than the required amount. "No change madam" is an expression I hear often.  I have always wondered why this is the case.

28 Apr 2014

I Got A Raise! Now What?

There are those times when we are showered with wealth! Okay, may be not showered but occasionally we do get some extra money. If we are salaried then we could get a raise or a bonus. For entrepreneurs, there could be a surge in profits. There are various ways to deal with it. You could spend it, save it or invest it. What do you do with it?

Let me narrate the story of my friends - Dollar, Pound,Rupee, Euro, Bitcoin
"Dollar" got a raise.