6 Jan 2015

Negotiate Your Way Through...

I recently missed my flight. I was having nightmares at the thought of cancellation charges and rebooking.

8 Dec 2014

What Counts As Savings?

A personal finance blog talks about saving and being frugal all the time. Are savings and investments the same thing? Is buying an LIC policy saving? Are fixed deposits considered savings? If you wanted to buy a gadget and bought the older generation to pay less, is that a form of saving?

I will answer all the above questions.

12 Nov 2014

Should You Replace The Screen Of Your Smart Phone?

We all love our smart phones, don't we? It is almost a permanent fixture in most hands. We have to check messages, constantly chat with old friends and keep checking emails. So what happens when the screen of this beloved gets cracked? The crack hurts our hearts and we feel "heartbroken" for a while. But; is it worth replacing the screen?

2 Nov 2014

I Paid Off My Credit Card!

This article is dedicated to a friend who recently paid off his credit card. Let us say his name is John.  We are really proud of John!

John had over Rs.40,000 accumulated as credit card debt.

21 Oct 2014

Shopping Spree...?

Today is the day that everybody wants to shop.. Today is Dhanteras, the day where Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped.

Confession -

9 Oct 2014

Should I Record My Expenses?

YES! Please record your expenses. Why should you record your expenses? Here is the answer.

29 Sep 2014

What Percentage of My Income Should I Save?

Let us rephrase that question. What is the percentage of income that you should NOT be spending? 10%,  20%, 30% .....can it go as high as 50%?

17 Sep 2014

Mutual Funds Part 7/7 - Fixed Maturity Plan

What is a Fixed Maturity Plan? (FMP)
It is a fund where money is locked in for a period of time. Exiting it is next to impossible. It has given "fixed deposit like" returns in the past.