28 Jan 2014

"I Am Happy I Did Not Get My Salary"

Unbelievable! Right? The first of the month, all of us who are employed expect that the Goddess of wealth will shower us in the form of monthly wages or salary. We wait for it to credit to our account, smile when the SMS hits our mobile and log onto the salary account to check that all is okay! Then why is this person so happy that he did not get his salary?

27 Jan 2014

Petrol Vs. Diesel – Which Car Should You Buy?

There is a lot of advice floating around on this topic. When asking someone what car to buy the advice varies from the car brand to type to the fuel it utilizes.  Recently, my husband and I bought a car and we received a lot of tips. Many of our friends chose to buy a diesel car. We chose a car that runs on petrol. Here’s why.

23 Jan 2014

Where Does My Salary Vanish ?

I was recently having a discussion with some friends about monthly income vs. monthly expenses. Most of them made the same remark – I wonder where my salary goes every month !

17 Jan 2014

The Actual Cost of Smoking

I am one of the typical Bangalore commuters. My office is a two hour commute (one way) during peak hour traffic. During the long, bumpy drive; I notice a lot of bus stops, junctions and markets where people of all age groups are smoking. This made me wonder - what is the actual cost of smoking ?

14 Jan 2014

Is Expensive Skin Care Worth It ?

Skin care ! It is one of the most advertised categories on any media. I cannot watch more than five minutes of television without seeing an advertisement about a fairness cream, an anti-aging cream, sunscreen, body lotion, face wash etc.

9 Jan 2014

Bank Fees, Charges and Penalties

In this day and age almost all of us have a bank account. I have one, my husband has one, my parents have one and my domestic help has one.

8 Jan 2014

How Does One Get Into Debt?

How does one get into debt? This is a question I have pondered over many times.
Yesterday, a colleague (let us say his name is Steve) mentioned that he has Rs.30, 000 in credit card debt.  

7 Jan 2014

Create Wealth

 I have always been interested in personal finance. As a child, my father gave me pocket money just to see if I could make a budget and account for all the expenses. I owe my father my sense of savings, budgeting, investments and also the feeling of contentment.