30 Jun 2014

Mutual Funds Part 1/7 - Basics of Mutual Funds

What is a mutual fund?
A mutual fund is a fund that invests in holdings of different companies. This offers the benefit of diversification and is professionally managed. I often get emails asking me if one should invest in mutual funds. Here is what one should know before beginning to invest in mutual funds

10 Jun 2014

Education and Education Loan

We feel proud when our children study, do well and earn prestigious degrees. It is a feeling that is immeasurable and we encourage our little ones to strive for the best. The child should be at the top of the class, aim for high ranking colleges and universities and secure a job which pays a big fat salary. Earlier education costs were part of the budget but now it is a strain on the budget. A lot of students are now going in for an education loan. Is a loan worth it? Is it worth starting your first job with a big loan that you have to pay off?