28 Apr 2014

I Got A Raise! Now What?

There are those times when we are showered with wealth! Okay, may be not showered but occasionally we do get some extra money. If we are salaried then we could get a raise or a bonus. For entrepreneurs, there could be a surge in profits. There are various ways to deal with it. You could spend it, save it or invest it. What do you do with it?

Let me narrate the story of my friends - Dollar, Pound,Rupee, Euro, Bitcoin
"Dollar" got a raise.

21 Apr 2014

All That Glitters Is Not Gold!

Us Indians have an involved relationship with gold. Gold is considered auspicious, pretty, is an investment and and is supposed to provide security to any portfolio. Our weddings are dazzled with the amount of gold displayed in the form of jewellery and ornaments. Not just women, but men also wear gold jewellery in one form or another.

Confession -

13 Apr 2014

National Savings Certificates - NSC Bonds

When we think of investments, we think of big banks and investment companies. Today, there are lots of advertisements that attract us towards private set ups. Amidst all this marketing, we forget that our good old post office has many schemes available. One such sceme is called the National Savings Certificate commonly referred to as NSC bonds.

What is the National Savings Certificate?

7 Apr 2014

Currency Notes - Dated Prior To 2005

Reserve Bank of India issued a guideline saying that pre-2005 notes will be withdrawn from circulation. The last date was to be 31st March 2014. The deadline has now been extended to 1st January 2015.