28 Jan 2014

"I Am Happy I Did Not Get My Salary"

Unbelievable! Right? The first of the month, all of us who are employed expect that the Goddess of wealth will shower us in the form of monthly wages or salary. We wait for it to credit to our account, smile when the SMS hits our mobile and log onto the salary account to check that all is okay! Then why is this person so happy that he did not get his salary?

Let me start by saying that this is one of the most inspirational lines I have heard in a while. I heard this and was wowed by the idea! Let me explain what happened.

Our office works on a time card which has to be submitted on a certain date every month. You cannot submit it early or late. Time card has to be finalized on a particular date – no ifs, no buts. My friend (let us say his name is Stan) forgot to submit his time card on the D-day! Stan later found out that some procedures have to be followed so that he can submit a “delayed” time card. The net result is that he will not get his salary on the first of the month but will get two month’s salary the following month. This means Stan will not be paid January’s salary on 1st February. Instead, he will get wages for January and February on 1st March. I was a little perturbed when I heard this and asked him how he felt. Stan’s reaction - “I am happy I did not get my salary”. I was stunned. He went on to explain that this was a wonderful opportunity to save. He would live for two months on one month’s salary. He also joked that we should miss a submission every now and then. What a punch line!

I have always looked for creative ideas to save but could have never thought of this one. If one person can live for two months on one month’s salary and not worry about it, I feel truly inspired. Many of us might get worried or feel tensed that we forgot to submit our time card. However, Stan has turned the situation around to his advantage.

This article is a shout-out, an applause, a description of the inspiration I felt and gratitude for a valuable lesson I learnt today.

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